The Singer's Theatre

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Costumes and Props

Please contact to rent or buy. Will take best offer!

Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon

Miss saigon

Silk dresses and halter tops, camo jackets and hats




Coloured blazers with matching socks and skirts for all 3 Heathers and Veronica. Two varsity jackets, paper mâché pig.

In The Heights

In The Heights

In The heights

Abuela painting, bodega sign.

Other available costumes for sale:

Assorted hats (includes hat tree)

Assorted short wigs - various colours and styles, mostly brand new in boxes, some used

Ponchos - quilted in assorted colours with black hoods

Ponchos - assorted black/brown/green fabrics

Moorish dresses, vests, pants

Peanuts characters - Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus - multiple tops for each. Child and adult sizes.

Nude dance tights - brand new in packaging.

Bloomers, tunics and wrap-around skirts in assorted colours, child sizes.

Mulan - Assorted silk belts and sashes

Fabric scraps - large pieces in assorted colours and material